Eichelberger’s all you can carry for $50

Recently we had an amazing turn out for one of our All you can carry for $50 events and wanted to help answer the questions you may have with the event. As always Search our Inventory Online, come early, and bring your tools.

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! October 8th, 2022 we will be hosting our annual All you can “Pull & Carry” for $50 competition. We will be donating all the T-shirt sales and $10 from each carry to the Spillman family to help them out during this difficult time of losing a great father and husband. Any additional donations will also go to their family. Please come out and support! If you have never made it to this event before make sure you mark your calendars for this years event that will be filled with great entertainment, food trucks, music, T-shirts, and a prize for the most impressive carry of the day. The event is from 8am-2pm Saturday October 8th, 2022! We hope to see everyone there again this year. Reminder we will be having shirts for sale, food trucks, media, and many other things. We look forward to see everyone that can make this event special!


1. Everyone that enters the yard will sign a waiver and pay a $1 admission charge

2. All customers must pull their own parts with their own tools

3. Wheelbarrows are offered for free to help navigate through the yard with your tools/parts

4. We can move any vehicle desired or help bring parts down with our front end loaders for no extra charge

5. All carried items must be off of the ground and carried for a distance of 30feet

6. Only the person carrying will be charged $50 if they successfully carry the items that distance

7. You can use items out of the yard or ratchet straps to get creative carrying more items

8. No bags or book bags are allowed for carrying but you can use them while pulling parts

9. Max of 2 people can carry at a time and both would pay $50 each

10. You can make as many trips as you want but it’s $50 for every successful trip made

11. We will not charge you $50 for a failed attempt


Can I put all my parts in a truck bed and carry that out?

YES, if you’re going to carry out a truck bed, champ, it’s $50/person 2 people max

Can I rachet Strap an Engine to my body?

YES, you can use anything like that as long as only your feet are touching the ground.

Where are you located?

We’re located in York, PA on 1381 Sunnyside Rd, Spring Grove, PA – Get Directions

I carried this all the way here, do I still have to do your 30ft?

Yes, we have to see you carry the item 30ft.

Next Event

The next event is scheduled for 8 am-2 pm Saturday, October 8th, 2022! – Don’t miss it!

The best way to stay informed of these events so you don’t miss the next one is to like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our mailing list. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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